A comparison of woven & welded mesh gabions

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A comparison of woven & welded mesh gabions

Whenever construction is carried out upon soft or unstable ground, there is the possibility of settlement: this can include geological effects caused by subsidence, sink holes as well as man-made effects, such as mining voids. On the other hand, when overburden on native ground is largely increased, there is the issue of differential settlement or collapse. Within mining works, stockpiled materials or heap leach pads impose great surcharges upon the ground.

Maccaferri Gabions is a Double-Twisted “DT” wire mesh container of variable sizes uniformly partitioned into internal cells, interconnected with other similar units and filled with stone at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as mass gravity walls, channel linings, revetments, and weirs for geotechnical, hydraulic and erosion control projects.

Maccaferri gabion baskets are made from high-quality steel wire. What sets us apart is the possibility to manufacture our solutions with thicker diameters, ensuring higher mechanical performance.

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Peter Richardson
Area Engineer (North Wales & Midlands)

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