Badgers, rabbits, rodents, and general burrowing animals cause damage to earthworks including slopes, riverbanks, and transport infrastructure areas. These animals are worthy of species protection so we have created a mesh that can withstand their natural instincts to burrow and prevent the damage with protection.

Anti-burrowing mesh or more commonly known as Badger netting is a slope protection system which is put in place to prevent slope deterioration from burrowing animals.

The anti-burrowing mesh comes in two types:

  • A double twisted steel wire mesh with smaller aperture than our standard meshes;
  • A drapery mesh as above but with an extra 3D polymer matrix layer which is extruded onto the wire mesh encouraging vegetation to the slope.

Anti-burrowing mesh has the following benefits:

  • Steel stops burrowing effectively as prevents biting
  • Polymer coated for 120 year design life
  • BBA certified
  • Butt connection with no overlapping – no material wastage
  • Double Twist mesh does not unravel when wires are damaged
  • Easily cut and relaced around obstacles, e.g. tree stumps
  • Surface reinforcement ensures embankment safety from high water levels

Anti-burrowing mesh and the 3D polymer matrix has the following benefits:

  • Erosion control which reduces irrigation / wash out of fine soil particles
  • Aids vegetation which is additional support for plant growth and creates wildlife habitats
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • High flexibility to adapt to uneven surfaces


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