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Slope Protection


TAHMOOR - NSW - Australia

Xstrata Coal



Erosion was occurring on the 45 degree slope of up to 30 metres in height due to the friable and unstable shale face. As a result, rocks and sediments were clogging the cess drains at the base of this rail corridor cutting.


Macmat R was chosen not only for its effectiveness as a unique solution but also for the substantial cost saving realized by requiring only one single installation process over this vast area of 22,000 m2. 16mm diameter bolts were drilled and grouted at 1m centres (ie: 22,000) into the 45 degree slope. An innovative platform was designed and built by the Contractor, to carry out the installation. The platform design enabled it to be maneuvered up and down and across the face of the slope resulting in a crew of only two men to fully install up to 400 bolts per day. The most critical feature of the platform was that it allowed trains to operate through the site without any disruption to either train timetables or the installation crew.

Used Products

MacMat R
MacMat R
Reinforced geomats are composite where the 3D mat structure is embedded into a reinforcement that can be either a double twisted steel mesh or a syView

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