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Design of Gabion Retaining Walls using GawacWin software

The GawacWin Program has been developed to provide engineers with a rapid and efficient tool to conduct the stability analysis of gabion retaining walls.

The program allows the check under a large number of different situations (geometry, surcharge loads, etc.) which may occur during the design process. 

The program requires the user to provide the problem data and perform the analysis commands.

This program is able to deal with a huge variety of situations; the user may choose to perform complementary comparisons and analysis to overcome these limitations.

For such situations, it is recommend the user contact the Maccaferri Technical Department for assistance.


  • The program uses the Limit Equilibrium and the theories of Rankine, Coulomb, Meyerhof, Hansen and Bishop (optimized through the Simplex Minimizer Algorithm) to check the global stability of the soil/structure. The program requires the user to provide the problem data and perform the analysis commands.
  • The mechanical characteristics of gabions manufactured by the MACCAFERRI Group are taken into consideration by the program; therefore the results of the calculation will not be realistic in the case of using other types of materials.


  •  To facilitate and improve the comprehension of the program, it has been provided with a graphic interface integrated with a pull down menu and tool bar, which allows the user to check the results of the data input in a simple and direct way.
  • With the graphic interface it is always possible to check the cross section of the wall, the uphill soil geometry, the foundation, and the external surcharge loads.

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