Maccaferri’s First Gabions Project in Bangladesh

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03 August 2023

Maccaferri’s First Gabions Project in Bangladesh

Maccaferri's pioneering project in Bangladesh stabilises slopes and prevents soil erosion using Gabions, mitigating landslide risks effectively.

Landslides are natural disasters that can cause significant damage to infrastructure and pose a threat to human lives. Bangladesh, with its rugged landscape and monsoonal climate, faces a constant battle against landslides. The hilly regions, particularly in the southeast, are highly susceptible to soil erosion and slope failures. Efforts to mitigate these risks are crucial.


Gabions are baskets manufactured from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. They act as retaining structures that provide stability to slopes and prevent erosion. Gabions are filled with stones of a suitable size at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures. These characteristics make them an ideal choice for geotechnical engineering projects, including landslide mitigation.


Maccaferri has designed and implemented a comprehensive landslide mitigation plan using Gabions in an at-risk area of Bangladesh. The area is located at 20 ECB (Engineer Construction Battalion) Camp, Chittagong Cantonment. The slope under consideration faced a landslide during the monsoon season in 2022. Trees and electric poles were uprooted due to the heavy water flow coming from the hill above. A 3m-high retaining wall has been adopted as a solution.


Maccaferri’s pioneering project in Bangladesh marks an important milestone in the country’s efforts to mitigate landslide risks. The implementation of Maccaferri Gabions demonstrated their effectiveness in stabilising slopes and preventing soil erosion. The project showcased the adaptability, durability, and aesthetic appeal of Gabions, making them a valuable tool in geotechnical engineering.


BSRM is Maccaferri’s local distributor in Bangladesh.


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