Innovative MacMat® R: Tackling Slope Erosion in Chittagong, Bangladesh

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27 July 2023

Innovative MacMat® R: Tackling Slope Erosion in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Maccaferri's MacMat® R is the perfect solution for mitigating slope erosion along the 16-kilometre expressway construction project in Chittagong, Bangladesh. This innovative reinforced geomat offers reliable erosion control, promotes vegetation growth, and ensures slope stability, creating safer and more sustainable landscapes.

The 16-kilometre-long expressway is being constructed from the city’s Lalkhan Bazar to Shah Amanat Airport to establish direct port connectivity with the city’s three industrial zones (Faujdarhat, Nasirabad, and Kalurghat industrial zones) and South Chittagong. The expressway area was subjected to weathering agents, and soil erosion protection measures on the cut slopes were required. Maccaferri’s MacMat® R has been used as an innovative and effective solution to mitigate slope erosion.


Some cut slopes along the expressway corridor have an inclination of approximately 70ᵒ , and were subjected to weathering agents. Slope erosion is a significant issue in many countries, including Bangladesh. Soil erosion refers to the wearing away of the field’s topsoil, in which high organic matter is contained. Wind and stormwater runoff are two common causes of soil erosion.


MacMat® R is a reinforced geomat made from a polymeric three-dimensional matrix extruded onto a double-twisted steel wire woven mesh. The synthetic material filaments, tangled together, form a highly deformable layer 10-20 mm thick, featured by a very high porosity (greater than 90% on average). MacMat® R is perfectly suitable for slopes, along the banks of canals and river courses.


MacMat® R technology provides a reliable erosion control solution that offers numerous benefits. The reinforced slope is able to withstand the erosive forces of rainfall, preventing soil loss. MacMat® R also promotes the growth of vegetation, further enhancing slope stability and ecological sustainability.


Additionally, MacMat® R offers cost-effective and time-efficient advantages compared to traditional slope erosion control methods. The lightweight and flexible nature of the geosynthetics used in MacMat® R enables easy installation and reduced construction time. This resulted in cost savings and minimized disruption to the surrounding environment during the implementation phase.

This project sets a precedent for future slope erosion control projects, highlighting the importance of advanced geotechnical solutions in creating safer and more sustainable landscapes.


BSRM is Maccaferri’s local distributor in Bangladesh.


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