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Maccaferri Mexico resolves waterproofing challenge for Thor Chemicals Mexico

Waterproofing - MX

Maccaferri’s sustainable drainage geotextiles enable the waterproofing of a Lagoon in Queretaro, Mexico.

Maccaferri’s product lines and solutions can be applied to an array of an environmental and man-made challenge. One such challenge is environmentally friendly waterproofing. Thor Chemicals Mexico Company specialises in chemical specialties, microbiology research, and chemical analysis. They required separating individual mineral wastes from the water. These wastes were pretreated to neutralize the PH, leaving most of the metal compounds such as sodium chloride (salt ) behind.

Both the client and main contractor of the project decided to separate the water from the salts via evaporation ponds. The evaporation ponds are artificial lakes with vast surface areas, designed to evaporate the water efficiently through sun exposure. In this case, the evaporation ponds used for the separation of minerals from the water had an area of about 12,000 m2.

To realize the clients wishes, Maccaferri Mexico proposed the application of a series of Maccaferri geosynthetics including MacLine geomembrane to enable successful waterproofing. Upon approval by the customer,  MacTex N50.2 geotextile was placed over the rocky foundation to protect and locate the MacLine HDPE geomembrane. Following this procedure, MacDrain 2R5 was installed in conjunction with a final layer of 1mm thick MacLine HDPE geomembrane.

This system was designed as a safety precaution in case the first geomembrane layer suffered damage via puncturing. The system allows waste leachates to drain through MacDrain 2R5. As the waste is emptied it separates itself by rising upwards. Thus, the harmful minerals are prevented from infiltrating the soil. It is important to mention that the polyethylene has resistance to salinity and that the work is in constant supervision controlled by the CEA to verify that the lagoon functions as per SEMARNAT ́s (Mexico’s environmental and natural recourses ministry) regulations.

The application of Maccaferri’s MacTex N50.2 geotextile in the project highlights the extent to which Maccaferri’s solutions enable to the perpetration of ecologically and environmentally friendly construction works and developments.

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