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Discover slope & rockfall protection with RockMesh

Rockfall Protection - MX

Maccaferri Mexico installs a RockMesh Rockfall protection solution into the Mexico-Queretaro Highway project

Rockfall protection and rockfall mitigation are key elements in the security and safety of infrastructure, mine works, buildings or people. Even small rockfalls or debris flows can block support and can have far-reaching economic effects beyond the immediate disruption. This also applies to buildings or other installations at risk of damage from rockfalls, avalanches or debris flows.

We recognize that installing rockfall mitigation systems on rock slopes in often remote locations can be testing. Therefore, we ensure that our systems are simple to install, durable and practical. Indeed, our rockfall barriers were developed in cooperation with specialist contractors to include buildability from the very start.

The slope protection project using Maccaferri’s Rock mesh product that was absolved in February 2015 aptly exemplifies how our Rockfall products and solution function when applied onto real-life project sites.

At the Km 75 of the Mexico-Queretaro Highway, the slopes are made of semi-cemented sand and soil. The geometry of the slope was not suited to reach the global stability, and the slope surface was exposed to rain and the wind. The rainwater run-off caused severe erosion at the foot of the hill and created shallow ravines and discontinuities along the slope involving the detachment of big and heavy blocks which could invade the highway, thus potentially causing accidents.

To increase the safety factor of the global stability of the entire slope, Maccaferri provided its high strength Rock Mesh B300. An anti-erosion geomat was also used in combination with the mesh to control the superficial erosion of the slope.

Rock Mesh is the association of steel cables placed longitudinally (Steel Grid MO) 8.0mm diameter, or in both directions (Rock Mesh BO), with a double twist hexagonal mesh type 8X10. Steel Grid delivers time and cost savings during installation because of the integration of the steel cables within the mesh.

This application is most commonly used in our Rockfall sector.

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