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Rockfall barriers for the recovery of the “Autopista del Sol” Highway.

Debris Flow Barriers - Mexico

Maccaferri Mexico contributed to the recovery of the Mexican Federal Highway 95, connecting Mexico City to Acapulco.

Thanks to its expertise on rockfall applications, Maccaferri supports the works on the Mexican Federal Highway 95.

Following the Ingrid and Manuel hurricanes, which strongly lashed the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca back in September 2013, the heavy and unusual type of rains produced serious damages to several infrastructures in the two Mexica states. Ultimately, as it is now widely acknowledged, climate change and other environmental factors contribute to the development of unusual natural phenomena, which often exceed the resistance and capacity even of the currently built and modernly designed infrastructures to date.

In details, in several areas of Highway 95, the sewers that work to dislodge water runoffs were interrupted by dragging solid as rocks, logs, tree branches and thin soils. In other words, the sewers completely lost their ability to evacuate rainwater, which then got stored in landfills generating several damages to the embankment’s body and thus disrupting the operation of the highway.

After several inspections to the affected areas, Maccaferri Mexico proposed the placement of flexible debris flow barriers to solve and contain the problem, a solution that was immediately endorsed by the Capufe, the national roads authority.

Some 400 square meters of flexible DF Barriers were installed in five different locations of the affected area of the highway. These type of barriers can be set up according to the morphological configuration of the land, whether open slopes or difficult terrain. In addition, the components are built to reduce damage after the impact, minimizing maintenance operations.

To learn more about Maccaferri Mexico’s rockfall protection expertise, please contact us now.

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