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Protecting a bridge slope in Veracruz


MacMat® R3 04 was used to limit erosion control on a section of the Antón Lizardo-La Piedra road

While the Antón Lizardo-La Piedra road was under development it was discovered that sand material on a bridge slope was exposed to bad weather conditions. We proposed our geomat MacMat® R3 04 to protect the bridge slope avoiding sliding of debris materials and consequently accidents on the road.

Antón Lizardo is a port located in the Mexican state of Veracruz. While part of the Antón Lizardo-La Piedra road was being developed it was found that there was a problem where part of a bridge slope was dangerously exposed to the ravages of bad weather.

We advised that our geomat MacMat® R3 04 combined with a plant call “Betiver” would be best to generate protection for the embankment. It would also create an aesthetic view and promote the regrowth of vegetation.

MacMat® R3 04 offered a way of planting longitudinally to create the main anchoring system for the slope. It is also proven to protect against the erosive processes of air and rain.

To learn more on this project, download our Case History.

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