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“Preserving Asphalt Pavements” is the theme of the 10th Mexican Asphalt Congress in Cancun from August 23rd to 25th


Come and meet us at booth i30 where we will be showcasing our solutions for asphalt pavement reinforcement

We are glad to announce that we will participate in the 10th Mexican Asphalt Congress in Cancun, Quintana Roo. The event will take place at the Iberostar Hotel & Resorts, from August 23rd-25th. Contact us to arrange a meeting with our technical experts at booth I30.

This year, the 10th edition of the Mexican Congress of Asphalt will take place from August 23rd-25th at the Iberostar Hotel & Resorts at Cancun, Quintana Roo. The event has been organized and coordinated by the Mexican Asphalt Association (AMAAC) , which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The Association seeks to contribute to the improvement of asphalt products’ quality and competitiveness, promoting research and technological development through specialized training and technical publications. These efforts aim to modernize asphalt application and transport infrastructure.

The central theme of this year’s congress is “Preserving Asphalt Pavements”, which will include discussions on asphalt mixtures, pavement structure, quality control and environmental impact. The event is aimed at researchers, professionals and technicians related to the production and the use of asphalt.

The advantages offered by asphalt pavement reinforcement are increasingly acknowledged as it can produce a significant increase in the service life of highway pavements by reducing fatigue, reflective, thermal and settlement cracking, thus resulting also in increased road safety and maintenance costs.

Our MacGrid AR is an innovative geogrid made from glass fibre, able to withstand high temperatures during installation. It not only helps to prevent cracks in the superficial bound layer but also increases asphalt service life by 20-30% over unreinforced asphalt layers and can reduce asphalt thickness by approximately 10%.

Meanwhile our RoadMesh® steel wire mesh reinforcement is used within the upper bound layers of asphalt pavements; it not only reduces reflective cracking and rutting, but structurally improves the pavement construction, reducing fatigue.

Our asphalt reinforcement solutions are widely used in transport and airport infrastructures. MacGrid AR has already been used for the Guadalajara International Airport and roads in Chiapas

Please, contact us to arrange a meeting at our booth I30.

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