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Pipeline protection: an enduring safety-focused commitment for Maccaferri Mexico.

Pipeline protection - MacNet

In a world craving for energy, pipeline infrastructures can be successfully and safely protected by using Maccaferri’s MacNet products

In a world of growing environmental dangers, triggered by climate change, and rising security issues in relation to potential terrorist threats, the protection of oil and gas infrastructures like pipelines has now become a top priority in the agenda of governments and the energy industry worldwide.

When a pipeline is damaged, whether it has been deliberately sabotaged under a terrorist attack, like it’s been often occurring in the Middle East in recent times, affected by seismic or land movements, or ruptured during excavation operations, the related implications may reach massive proportions: harm to the surrounding environment and population, ranging from ordinary leakage of oil and gas to real catastrophes, in addition to the extra costs for the recovery of the infrastructures as well as for indemnifying the damages caused to the affected areas, not to mention potentially-huge revenue losses for the pipeline operators.

More precisely, the three main incidences of third-party damage that pipeline operators may have to deal with are theft, terrorist attacks and construction works. Pipeline tampering and pilferage are common problems in the developing countries. Pipelines also represents a “tempting” target for today’s terrorist organizations.

Thanks to its long-time expertise in oil and gas industry projects, Maccaferri can offer one of the best-reliable pipeline protection solutions available in the market, to assure their safety during the installation stages: wrapping up the pipes with our MacNet product, as documented in this interesting case history available in Spanish at our website. It reports on a major project in Mexico deployed at the Agua Dulce-Los Ramones Phase 1 gas channels.

Moreover, MacNet is highly resistant to temperature, aging, erosion by high or low soil pH, waterproofing chemicals, leachates and other substances and solvents. In addition, MacNet is capable of performing an adequate tensile and tear strength to resist to installation damage and loadings.

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