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New opportunities for Maccaferri in the way of Basal Reinforcement


Mexico advances in five of the nine subcategories that compose the pillar of infrastructure as new projects involving Basal Reinforcement solutions arise.

According to the Global Competitiveness Index (2015-2016) of the World Economic Forum, Mexico now ranks 64th for quality of infrastructure. According the 2015-2016 report the country has risen from the 69th position up to the 64th position.  In total, the index ranks 140 countries.

Of the categories that make up the infrastructure pillar, Mexico advanced in the following: (1) railroad infrastructure (64th to 61st) (2) port infrastructure (62nd to 57th), (3) air transport infrastructure (63rd to 55th), (4) quality of electricity supply (80th to 73rd) and (5) number of fixed telephone lines (69 to 66).

The areas with the most progress were (1) the quality electricity supply (up 13 positions), (2) the quality of port infrastructure (up 5 positions) and (3) the quality of air transport infrastructure (up 8 positions).

One of the most important projects of the current federal administration is the New Airport of Mexico City (NAICM), a new greenfield airport built to replace the existing Benito Juarez International Airport.  The airports inauguration is scheduled October 20, 2020.

In late 2015, Federico Patino, the director of the Airport Group of Mexico City (CMAG) said that he has already invested 3,000 million pesos (mp) in the works for the new terminal is committed to spending a total of 10,000 pesos in 2016.

In regards to port infrastructure, the current administration has planned 25 works estimated to cost around $62,000 million pesos. Highlights of the development include the modernization of the ports located (1) in Veracruz, (2) on the Gulf of Mexico, (3) in Manzanillo, (4) in Colima and Lazaro Cardenas, and (5) in Michoacan on the Pacific coast.

The new greenfield airport is Maccaferri ’s newest opportunity to contribute to the amelioration of port infrastructure through Basal reinforcement. In the past Maccaferri de Mexico has already worked closely with construction teams (e.g., a project in Guaymas, Sonora) throughout a range of projects, by providing rolls of ParaLink in bespoke lengths to minimize wastage and maximize construction efficiency. Such opportunities serve to prove Maccaferri’s abilities and effectiveness.

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