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Our Terramesh® System Became a Key Factor to Modernize State Highway 200 in Queretaro city


Thanks to the reinforced soil structure, it was possible to carry out this road expansion made difficult by lack of space

This project is part of a major government program to update the country’s most important commercial and logistical routes. The expansion of state highway no.200 from Saldarriaga to Navaja is strategic since enabling to reach the International Airport of the city of Queretaro (AIQ).


The expansion of State Highway 200 consists of four lanes, a cycle path, sidewalks, two upper bridges, a vehicular tunnel at the intersection with federal highway 57 (Queretaro-San Luis Potosi) and a storm drainage system. The purpose of this project is to shorten driving or transport times and to provide comfort and safety to drivers.

Once the construction reached the section between Saldarriaga and Navajas the project faced a challenge since there was not enough space for the road.

We protected the abutment by using a 2 m long Terramesh® system.

Our Terramesh® system is a modular system used to form MSE walls and embankments. It consists of pre-assembled units of double twisted wire mesh (8×10 type). The facing section of the unit is formed by connecting a back panel and diaphragms to the main fascia unit, thus creating the rectangular shaped cells used for stone confinement. The geogrid reinforcement, fascia and lid are all one continuous panel of mesh. The gabion element of the Terramesh® System is completely integrated with the steel and mesh reinforcement, depending on the final use for the structure.


  • Flexibility: our solution allows the structure to tolerate the differential settlement of the land without compromising the structural integrity.
  • Easy and fast installation: our Terramesh® units are supplied in standard lengths requiring no cuts on site, saving time during installation. Besides, no specialised equipment is required for lifting units into position since all of the materials supplied are compacted and not excessive in weight.
  • Permeability: the front face of our Terramesh® structure is permeable and guarantees drainage of the filling material.

Once again, our solutions and systems make all the difference in facing construction and infrastructure issues.

Should you have an ongoing project and need further information, please contact us.

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