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Maccaferri Mexico’s Mining Enhancement and Protection Applications

Mining - MX

Maccaferri Mexico offers a vast repertoire of mining related tunneling, waterproofing, drainage, Dewatering and Basal Reinforcement solutions.

Maccaferri is known worldwide for providing solutions for mining queries such as:

  • Basal Reinforcement
  • Waterproofing and Drainage
  • Crushing & Materials, Handling Structures
  • Haul Road stabilization and reinforcement structures.

Large stockpiles impose high loads onto existing ground, which may settle or become contaminated. Maccaferri has a range of high strength products to provide basal reinforcement for stocks. Used in conjunction with MacLine impermeable membranes and MacDrain drainage geocomposites, lined heap leach pads can be constructed.

For the concentration stage, waterproofing systems and lagoon structures are required to contain the concentrate, thereby avoiding infiltration into the natural ground and potential contamination of aquifers. Our MacLine geomembranes provide impermeable layers, often used in conjunction with MacDrain drainage geocomposites to collect leachates.

Within mine infrastructure, effective access ramps, haul roads, surface water control structures, and drainage systems are essential to the uninterrupted performance of a mine. Hydraulic structures control the movement of water within the mine site. Gabions and Reno Mattresses are a cost effective, robust and proven solution to outfall structures, channel linings and containment dikes.

Bidirectional geogrids stabilize haul roads and accessways. Such structure deliver a confining action on soil granules, thanks to interlocking within the rectangular apertures.

Maccaferri has extensive experience in large-scale reinforced soil and retaining structures. These are often used for crusher and hopper walls. Wherever possible, Maccaferri reuses site-won structural backfill with geogrids, reducing costs and material waste. With geogrid strengths up to 1350 kN/m, even the heaviest loads, and the highest structures can be accommodated.

Terramesh is used to reinforce soil. The units are completely preassembled at the factory so that the soil reinforcing geogrid and external fascia element are one single product. Terramesh system has a gabion fascia, whereas Green Terramesh has a vegetating “green” face to blend into the natural environment. These reinforced soil structures, in addition to being an excellent technical choice, are also environmentally friendly because they minimize the use of materials from stone quarries.

To maximize extraction volume and minimize the space for infrastructure, slopes within these mines can be steep. The unstable material can detach from these hills affecting mine safety and operations. Maccaferri’s solutions address these problems with a range of high-performance steel meshes and rockfall catch fences rated to 8500 kJ impact resistance. Rockfall protection embankments for greater impact protection are also available.

Geotextile Tube Dewatering Technology” represents an alternative method of dewatering sludge and slurries compared to conventional dewatering technologies (e.g. Belt filter presses, centrifuges, confined areas).

The rapid re-establishment of vegetation and soil erosion protection systems complete the closure operations. Maccaferri’s wide range of man-made and biodegradable soil stabilization and erosion protection solutions facilitate this.

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