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Mexican Roads Authority relies on Maccaferri rockfall protection and erosion control products.

Protección contra caída de rocas

Maccaferri’s Gabions, DT Mesh and MacMat geomats were used on the Choapas-Ocozocoautla Highway

Back in November 2012 on the Choapas-Ocozocoautla Highway, two landslides generated by the softening of neighboring reliefs on the road totally interrupted the access on both sides. Further to this incident the CAPUFE, Federal Roads and Bridges of Revenue and Related Services, urged for a fast restoration of the road conditions, which could be guaranteed thanks to the utilization of a selection of Maccaferri products.

The CAPUFE thus opted for the solutions offered by our Gabions, DT Mesh and MacMat geomats.

The Choapas-Ocozocoautla Highway is one of the main communication channel of the Chiapas region, connecting the States of the Gulf of Mexico with the Central and North of the Mexican Republic.

One of the challenges of the project was the mayor tasks that were needed to lower the hydraulic gradient and to reconfigure the slopes, while ensuring the growth of vegetation in the cuts, in addition to prevent and contain potential rockfalls.

Maccaferri de Mexico thus provided a retaining wall at the foot of the slope to contain any fallen material from impacting the road as well as the use of MacMat and double twist “DT” rockfall protection mesh on the slope above. The slopes were additionally seeded with native plants to accelerate the revegetation.

MacMat is a 3D geomat obtained by the extrusion of polypropylene monofilaments into a matrix, thermally bonded in where they cross . Double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh, known as “DT” Mesh, is used globally as a drapery system to prevent rocks and debris from falling onto roads and railways.

Started in November 2012 and completed in February 2013, the works were carried out by Mexican contractor H3.

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