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Our MacMat®R3 04 is protecting a Nuevo Leon slope from erosion, avoiding accidents in the exclusive residential area and promoting fast re-growth of vegetation


The “Cantera” residential development in the city of Monterrey needed a solution for erosion control

During the construction of the “Cantera” development in the city of Monterey, Nuevo Leon a slope was found to be in need of stabilization. We proposed the use of geomat MacMat® R3 04 to protect the slope, avoid accidents and promote a faster regrowth of vegetation.

Cantera is the most exclusive vertical residential project in the city of Monterrey, with amazing views to the famous “Cerro de la Silla” and “Sierra Madre” mountain formations. During project´s construction an erosionaded slope needed to be stabilized as it represented a constant danger to a building on the lowest part of the slope.

We proposed the use of our geomat MacMat® R3 04, which is characterized by its flexibility and its beautiful green color; when applied, it provides immediate protection to an exposed area, generates an aesthetic view and promotes re-growth of vegetation. It also helps avoids any type of accident.

We always like to offer clients a graded, logical range of erosion protection and drainage techniques so that the level of intervention is appropriate to each erosion risk encountered.

For more technical information, please download our case history.

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