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Maccaferri Mexico’s Football Team: – Santa Rosa Jauregui League


The maxim: “THERE’S NO “I” IN A TEAM” becomes this year’s football team’s motto

There is no big difference between a football team and teamwork. In both, it is clearly defined that a group must seek to achieve a common goal with some degree of success. It is for this reason that a strategist, a leader, coaching staff, extensive training and the existence of a common goal are found both on and off the court. Maccaferri Mexico shows concern for the participation of their personnel in extracurricular activities:

Football League: Santa Rosa Jauregui Queretaro, is based on rules and regulations of the Mexican Football Federation. The goal of the league is to promote football by the norms of the Mexican Federation of Football Association. The group is a Civil Association consisting out of members, representative leaders, coaches and players affiliated with the Football League. The league is in charge of organizing the championships in the different existing categories.

Currently, there are more than 120 teams that participate in the various classes in the league. Maccaferri Mexico’s team consists of 20 participants and part of the “Second North Division” category.

This year’s seasonal games began on February 28th, 2016 and will run for six weeks. Adrian Aguillon represents our team.

It is important to mention that the coexistence of players of each team becomes an important platform for establishing new business relations and potential customers who are not familiar with the brand.

This year (2016) we inaugurated the season by wearing our new uniforms for the soccer team and with the best hopes of winning the tournament.

So far the team has won a game (10-1) and has drawn (2-2) against one of the most challenging champions of this year’s season. Prepare yourself for the achievements of our football team. We will keep you posted on our progress.

For more information, please contact our subsidiary in Mexico.

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