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Maccaferri Mexico attends BNamericas 5th Mexico Infrastructure Summit 2016

Infrastructure Summit

Maccaferri Mexico’s General Director, Fernando H. Perez will attend the BNamericas 5th Mexico Infrastructure Summit 2016 revolving around Infrastructure solutions and developments.

The BNamericas 5th Mexico Infrastructure Summit will be held this year on April, 20-21th 2016. The Summit will create a space for discussion. Mexico has assumed in recent years the role as new global financial country. In light of this, Mexico has devised an investment plan—its National Infrastructure Program (PNI, by its Spanish acronym)—that aims to heighten investment in facilities producing vehicles, aerospace components, and general manufacturing. The plan has put a lot of pressure on the quality of Mexican infrastructure. The BNamericas 5th Mexico Infrastructure Summit serves the purpose of analyzing the implementation of various infrastructure projects designed to improve an array of facilities.

Moreover, this summit will analyze the opportunities available to companies in the sector and offer unique networking opportunities between government authorities, investors, project developers, operators, and decision-makers in the infrastructure sector.

The National Infrastructure Plan, the launch of Fiber E, and the explosion of investment funds, as well as the investment of local governments, the development of APP, and multimodal development will be among the topics to explore in this summit. Some projects will also be reviewed, such as the new airport in Mexico City, the rail opportunity, and port expansion.
Maccaferri Mexico has already contributed substantially to the development of Strengthening Infrastructure solutions and product lines. For example in the The Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport (Guadalajara International Airport), located 16 kilometers south of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco Maccaferri Mexico presented a solution to control the excess of cyclic loading cracks due to the high numbers of aircraft landings on the site. You can get more specific information, by reading our article related to.

Maccaferri Mexico’s General Director, Fernando H.Perez (Master in Management Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires) , will be attending this event, at the Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel in Mexico City.
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