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Maccaferri launches the “Engineer your Career” Program featuring i.a. retaining walls solutions.

Retaining walls

ENGINEERING YOUR CAREER provides Mexico’s engineering students with a learning platform for matters relating to erosion control, retaining walls, mining and dewatering.

We are a global company renown for our 130 years of pioneering skills and our development of gabions (Created 130 years ago). We are famous worldwide for dramatically changing the civil engineering’s landscape. The only constant condition of our is change! We work every day to find better solutions. We are highly-specialized professionals trained in designing and developing complex solutions in the civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction markets.

We have been present in Mexico for 15 years, and we strive to share our world knowledge with the generations to come of professionals in the engineering, architecture, and environmental areas. In light of this goal, Maccaferri Mexico created a program that allows institutions (Universities) to facilitate the process of formation and development of future engineers and architects in Mexico.

The objective of this program is to transmit global innovations with a local focus, through professional and international training, providing all the security and reliability for which Maccaferri is distinguished worldwide.

Engineering your career” is 100% focused on students that are in their final year of college and are involved in the following careers: civil engineering, hydraulics, geotechnics, roads, architecture or other professions related to the environment.

The activity consists of sharing our technical knowledge via our specialists. The goal of doing so is to make a customized presentation for the relevant institution’s study plan, which involves Maccaferri’s solutions and applications. Such installations may include: erosion control, retaining walls, landscape & architecture, mining, coastal & river control works, environment, dewatering & landfills, soil stabilization & pavements, rockfall protection, military, oil & gas/ energy, urban and transportation infrastructure.

Maccaferri has taken on the difficult task of teaching recent graduates how to use these types of materials in construction properly. The company will work closely with the institutions to create a great experience for their students that is interactive and productive for both.

The main objective of this program is to bring fresh and useful information to all the students, providing them tools that they will not learn at school, but only in the field. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit actual job sites and to interact with the materials, technics and projects with government and private institutions. The program also includes technical assistance to the class. “Engineering your Career” wants to be involved in the different opportunities that are rising to transform the future of Mexico.

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