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Our Expert Knowledge to UAQ’s Engineering Students


We offered a comprehensive seminar, encompassing rockfall protection, hydraulic works and geosynthetics applications, to postgraduate engineering students of the Masters degrees in Geotechnics and Road Infrastructures

Sharing our knowledge and supporting engineering students and young engineers in developing their future careers is of paramount importance at Maccaferri. This is why we were delighted to accept the Autonomous University of Querétaro’s invitation to give a seminar on our solutions to the students of some of their Masters degrees in Engineering.

Some of our technical experts visited the University and provided a comprehensive presentation on three of our main areas of competence, including rockfall protection and hydraulic works solutions and the use of geosynthetics in several engineering applications. The students who attended our seminar are pursuing the UAQ’s Masters degrees in Geotechnics and Road infrastructure.

As a renowned leader in hydraulic works, we were pleased to share our specialist knowledge in the protection and training of rivers and streams. We presented and went through our wide and comprehensive range of hydraulic erosion protection techniques from soil bioengineering and low energy solutions to robust high-energy capacity structures, encompassing our solutions in channeling works, longitudinal structures, transverse structures, including weirs, drop structures, groynes, culverts, dams and bridge protection, and waterproofing.

With over 60 years’ experience in rockfall protection and natural hazard mitigation systems, we offer a wide range of “Mac.RO systems” to stabilize rock faces, soil slopes and snow masses, reducing risks to people, buildings and infrastructure. These systems, including mesh systems, dynamic rockfall barriers, debris flow and shallow landslide barriers, rockfall embankments, soil nailing and surface protection, are crucial to guarantee safety and security of roads, railways, infrastructure networks and mining operations.

As we are always striving for innovation, we have entered the geosynthetics markets some 20 years ago and have now become one of the leading players in the global market. Geosynthetics are used for countless applications within the construction industry as they can strengthen existing ground, improve its bearing capacity, make highways last longer, support embankments, stop landfill leachates contaminating the ground and limit erosion. Among the many geosynthetic product types, our technical experts focused on products for drainage, geogrids, geotextiles and our Terramesh® system for reinforced soil walls.

All of our products were designed to help the environment, are sustainable and easy to install.

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