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How to Increase Service Life and Resistance of Mexican Transportation Infrastructure


Road pavement and geogrids, the ideal combination to improve road safety

The increase of traffic volumes and the growth of industrial areas directly result in the need for more resistant and durable transportation infrastructure, putting designers in the position of finding new road engineering solutions. Our Geosynthetics Specialist, Marianna Ferrara explains the benefits offered by geogrids in asphalt reinforcement.

With over 130 years of experience within the infrastructure sector and extensive involvement in projects of all sizes, at Maccaferri we have the technical expertise and capabilities to assist designers with pavement reinforcement issues and tailor solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Our geogrids are high resistance geosynthetics made from polymeric material with high tenacity and tensile resistance, employed in soil stabilization applications. The use of geogrids in asphalt reinforcement can increase the service life of the pavements by reducing fatigue, reflective, thermal and settlement cracking, thus resulting also in increased road safety.

According to Marianna Ferrara, Maccaferri’s Geosynthetics Specialist, MacGrid® EG is the most suitable product to improve the soil characteristic of the road base.

The service life of the bound layer is increased by introducing, MacGrid® AR to prevent the spreading of asphalt cracking.

Marianna added: “The increase of service life given by MacGrid® AR is about 20-30% over the unreinforced life for asphalt layers, while asphalt thickness reduction is about 10%. Moreover, the use of extruded geogrids, such as MacGrid® EG, in the unbound layers enables the use of materials with lower mechanical characteristics or reduce the thickness of those layers. The minimum thickness required to install this type of product is typically 20 cm”.

MacGrid® AR is glued to the bound layer beneath it with an emulsion and has a frictional connection with the asphalt bound layer placed and rolled upon it. MacGrid® EG instead, due to its three-dimensional structure, mainly works by interlocking with the aggregates of the base and subbase layers; traffic loads within the road layers are effectively transferred and absorbed into the geogrid.

Combining different types of geogrids within the road construction delivers tangible benefits of increased fatigue life, reduced maintenance and better user safety. The whole-life costs of the highway are lower, compared to an unreinforced solution.

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