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Maccaferri High Energy Absorption Panels: the efficient solution to mitigate the threat of rockfall


Our HEA Panels offer rockfall protection, are rapid to install and fit in with the surrounding environment

Infrastructure needs to be protected against rockfall, slope instability and debris flow to prevent disruption to services which can then cause harm to the local economy.

Infrastructure is crucial to economic development. But what is often underestimated, is the need for infrastructure to be secured against natural hazards that threaten safety and business continuity.

For example, in mountainous areas sudden rockfall and debris flow can cause very serious problems: damage to infrastructure, traffic interruption, casualties and fatalities in the worst cases.

Maccaferri HEA (High Energy Absorption) Panels are the stiffest products within our MacRO Systems mesh range offering extreme strength at low strain. Stiffness is more important than tensile strength of meshes as it affects the deflection of the system under load.

HEA Panels can be used to prevent rock detachment, or contain a falling rock that has already detached; in the first case it is in intimate contact with the slope thus preventing rock detachment (often called ‘Active’), while if installed as a ‘passive’ solution HEA Panels contain falling rocks from hitting infrastructure, controlling their descent.

This was the case with the rockfall protection solution used from Hidalgo to Queretaro, where HEA Panels were installed to secure the Zimapan dam from the threat of potential rockfall.

For more information, please download our case history.

For more information about the project and our High Energy Absorption Panels, please contact us!

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