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Geosynthetics & Coasts 2015

Maccaferri Geosynthetics & Coasts 2015

From 2nd to 4th December, Maccaferri partecipated at the Geosynthetics & Coasts 2015,

Geosynthetics & Coasts 2015 is the Third International Workshop on Geosynthetics and Modern Materials in Coastal Protection and Related Applications.

Originally held in Chennai, India, in 2010 and 2013, for the first time it will be held in the Americas, specifically in Merida, Yucatan; Mexico. Supported by the International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), this series of biennial meetings aims at providing a platform for experts and other stakeholders to exchange cutting-edge knowledge on the use of geosynthetics and related materials to protect shorelines, coastal infrastructure and natural systems, as well as to carry out engineering projects under the challenging conditions posed by coastal environments.
Two central topics will be analysed: the coastal protection and  the environmental protection. Maccaferri has a long and deep experience in the use of geosynthetics in these applications. However, our participation at this workshop is to listen and learn more about the challenges facing this market sector.

The location in Yucatan is appropriate as this is a fragile island barrier system in Mexico, vulnerable to these erosion forces, and in the many countries in Latin American countries who face important challenges in coastal protection.

The workshop aims to disseminate knowledge on research and applications of geosynthetics in projects carried out in Mexico, India and other countries analyzing experiences and reviewing how these innovative materials are helping to face the current challenges in the field of coastal and civil engineering. Maccaferri will be showing examples of its experience and our engineers will be on hand to assist. The Workshop features

• Case studies for coastal protection and other nearshore structure applications
• Geosynthetics for sustainable coastal infrastructure
• Geosynthetic applications for multi-functional artificial structures and beach restoration
• Environmental impact assessment of geosynthetics based structures for coastal protection
• Role of geosynthetics in engineering measures for natural disasters
• Fundamental principles, properties of geosynthetics and International testing standards
• Durability with particular reference to UV resistance and performance
• Filtration, drainage and erosion control and design approaches
• Bio-shields: vegetation for stability and green fencing
• Construction techniques

Several topics will be analysed during the event and all of these will connect not only with the theme of coastal infrastructure but also with other important issue like: sustainability, environmental protection and impact, drainage and erosion control. Please come along and share your knowledge of coastal and environmental protection with your peers!

For more informations about this event please contact us.

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