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Maccaferri Mexico discusses a previous basal reinforcement project at the Geoamericas 2016

GeoAmericas 2016

Maccaferri Mexico’s representatives present a pivotal basal reinforcement project in the Port of Guayamas at the 3rd Panamerican Conference on Geosythetics

Maccaferri Mexico will be attending the 3rd Panamerican Conference on Geosynthetics (2016) on April, 10-13th. The previous editions of GeoAmericas (Cancún 2008, Lima 2012) featured a vibrant influx of attendees from throughout the Americas, eager to exchange knowledge, learn, and do business. It is an engineering event like no other—one that needs to be experienced.

Maccaferri will contribute to this magnificent event by presenting Port of Guaymas project Case Study. We will be presenting the paper on the GI-1 Ground Improvement section and are participating as members of the IGS (International Geosynthetics Society), which is the main organizer of the event.

The Port of Guaymas, located on the northwest coast of Mexico, in the Gulf of California, establishes its activities on the management of agricultural and mineral bulk, fluids and general cargo. It´s an important hub for the commercial relations and connection between Mexico and the southern part of US.

In recent years, the mineral bulk storage area of the port had been experiencing significant settlements due to the increase of the loads managed in this area and the poor conditions of the foundation soil.

In the project, high strength geogrids made up of ParaLink 400 and Paralink 600, were designed to improve the poor conditions of the foundation soil and avoid differential settlements.  The pavement improvement project consists in a total rehabilitation of the structure including the strengthening of soft subsoil with ParaLink geogrids. The solution furthermore considers a section of 1.2 m depth of granular filling material, more than 28,000 m2 of ParaLink placed in 4 layers and on top of that the actual pavement made of 30 cm thick concrete slabs.

Maccaferri de Mexico worked closely with the construction team throughout the project and helped streamline the installation program by supplying the rolls of ParaLink in bespoke lengths to minimize wastage and maximize construction efficiency.

A team of 6 workers with a loader backhoe could install properly 1 layer of geogrids (19 rolls, 80 m long) in about 5/6 hours.

The paper illustrates the project, the design of the basal reinforcement and the installation procedures, thus making a complete case history for this important application of high strength geogrids. It will serve to exemplify Maccaferri’s effort to implement Geosynthetic solutions into construction works worldwide.

Maccaferri Mexico will be represented at the event by our General Director, Eng. Fernando H. Perez, our Technical Manager, Eng. Stefano Rignanese, and our Geosynthetics Specialist, Eng. Marianna Ferrara.

Read the Case Historyin Spanish, related to the Port of Guymas.

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