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Celebrating nature and the benefits of plants at Flowers & Gardens Festival in Mexico City


We helped to restore one of the green areas where the event took place

The Flowers & Gardens Festivalis a unique event that brings together architects, landscapers, artists, designers, engineers, craftsmen, gardeners and students to create activities and exhibits to showcase nature and the benefits of plants. It is organized by a Mexican non-profit association of gardening enthusiasts.

Founded in 2017, the festival aims to celebrate the enormous natural wealth and botanical tradition of Mexico, while also raising awareness among Mexicans of the worldwide environmental problems we face and the importance of taking care of the natural environment, for example by encouraging the use of native and low-water-consuming plants in gardening and public green spaces.

The event features work by recognized landscapers and architects, who are enabling the rehabilitation and improvement of Mexico City’s urban green spaces. One area that is benefiting from these activities is the event’s official venue, the Chapultepec Botanical Garden.

Inside the Chapultepec Park, which is Latin America’s oldest and largest urban park, the Chapultepec Botanical Garden is a reservoir of Mexican plants like cacti, ornamental and medicinal plants, orchards, flowers, agaves, brush areas and an arboretum. The garden also has a greenhouse which provides optimal conditions for the conservation and growth of tropical vegetation.

Spread over five hectares, the garden represents a green escape from repetitive and dull urban landscapes and is home to ecosystems such as wetlands and grasslands. Here the green area called Humedal Y Suculentas (Wetland and Succulents) was in need of a rehabilitation that would integrate into the environment.

The main challenge was replacing the double-twisted mesh gabions, which were broken and had rusted. We proposed gabions coated with Class III zinc. This coating offers a better protection against corrosion without impacting the ecology and the look of the garden.

The “Humedal Y Suculentas” now allows people to enjoy a privileged natural space, restored by our gabions. Visitors can explore the wetland, trees and kalanchoe, which is a very striking type of succulent which displays a variety of colors, doesn’t need much irrigation but has significant pharmacological properties.

For more technical information on this project, download our case history.

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