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Maccaferri’s presents civil engineering solutions, applications and techniques for every market and sector at the National Polytechnical Institute

The International Student of the American Society of Civil Engineers at National Polytechnical Institute in Mexico is an organization formed by students of the School of Engineering and Architecture (Zacatenco Unit) from National Polytechnical Institute. The Institute’s purpose is to provide students with tools and participation opportunities that prepare them for the hands-on professional world. It strives to equip the youths of today with the technologies, and professional know-how of the future. Most importantly the Institute teaches students to:

  • assume certain roles and responsibilities important for future infrastructure contributors
  • pursue common short and long-term goals.

The Student Chapter derived from the American Society of Civil Engineers invited Maccaferri Mexico to participate, on May 24th, in the second week of Civil Engineering to give a conference related to sustainability in civil works.

The event’s main objective is to provide students with the latest updates relevant to civil engineering. Furthermore, the event sheds light on an array of groundbreaking construction alternatives to promote a symbiotic relationship with the environment, whereby the safety of ecosystems is ensured. It ultimately provides a space for students to connect with nature in a professional way —i.e. as sustainable, future civil engineers.

It is crucial for students to participate in events such as this one seeing as it has the capacity of enriching their understanding of the ever-growing challenges that the Mexican world of civil engineering is facing. As future Civil Engineers, it is important for them to know the role they play in the greater infrastructure. In order to do so students must constantly update their knowledge about the infrastructure status of their country and the different solutions and practice that may be applied to resolve critical situations.

Maccaferri Mexico is proud to be part of this event and to be able to share useful engineering solutions and applications. Most prominently Maccaferri showcases the following: Basal ReinforcementCoastal protection, Marine structures & Pipeline protection, Drainage of Structures, Environment, Dewatering & Landfills, Erosion Control, Landscape and architecture, Retaining Walls and Soil Reinforcement, Rockfall Protection & Snow Barriers, Soil Stabilization and Hydraulic Works.

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