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Automotive supplier’s latest new Mexico plant benefits from our solution for erosion control


A 3,800 m2 new automotive plant at the Logistik Industrial Park in San Luis Potosi is protected from debris flow

The international automotive supplier, Edscha is building its first manufacturing plant in Mexico located at the Logistik Industrial Park in San Luis Potosi. The cut slopes on the new site are exposed to erosion caused by storm water run-off. If allowed to continue, the soil washing off the slopes would block storm drains, deposit soil on the neighbouring properties and leave a sterile slope.

Edscha has established itself as one of the world’s largest providers of hinge systems and is one of the leading European suppliers of powered systems and driver controls.

The new plant in Mexico is located at the Logistik Industrial Park in San Luis Potosi. It will occupy around 3,800 square metres from where Edscha will manufacture its product range for numerous international automakers.

To address the challenge of slope erosion, Maccaferri proposed a solution combining our coconut fibre geomat BioMac with the technique of hydroseeding to restore the vegetation. Over time the vegetation will establish, protecting the slope for the long-term.

We offer a range of erosion protection solutions to suit the angle of the slope and anticipated severity of erosion forces. Not only do they provide immediate erosion protection, but these products are also designed to facilitate the re-establishment of vegetation on the slope and, therefore, promote environmental sustainability.

For more information, please download our Case History.

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