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Rockfall mitigation system offers protection to Durango City railway


Our rockfall protection and slope stabilization solutions provide a safe route for the Durango city railway

Rockfall protection and rockfall mitigation are key elements in the security and safety of infrastructure. Even small rockfalls, or debris flows can disrupt road or railways and have far-reaching economic impacts.

Therefore, when slopes approximately 25 m high needed cutting to make way for the Durango City Railway in Mexico, measures needed to be taken to secure the safety and efficiency of the line.

Our high strength steel wire mesh systems provided the answer; designed to work in conjunction with anchorages these reinforced meshes increase the stability of the unstable surficial layer.

Working together with SCT Rail Transport and TGC Ingenieria, a complete system was proposed to improve slope stability: tensile anchors, reinforced concrete whalings, anti-erosion mesh and RockMesh® B600.

RockMesh B600 is a (bi-oriented) geocomposite steel wire double twist mesh that features steel cables integrated both longitudinally and transversely across the mesh, reinforcing it.

The use of RockMesh delivered time and cost savings during installation because of the integration of the steel cables within the mesh; one compoisite product is installed, instead of two, the wire mesh and steel reinforcing cables.

The risk of slope failure was successfully mitigated allowing the safe passage for trains along the route.

For more information, please download our Case History.

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