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CONAGUA 27th Anniversary


The National Water Commission (Conagua) turns 27 and remains at the forefront of implementing programs and actions to a solid comprehensive reform of the sector

Water in Mexico is considered a national asset. The National Water Commission is an administrative, normative, technical, consultative and decentralized agency of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).

Currently the country has 5023 dams and boards, which together can store 150 billion cubic meters of water, besides we are the sixth worldwide in agricultural production infrastructure, with 6.3 million hectares of irrigated land.

Conagua’s purpose is to manage and preserve national waters and their inherent public goods to achieve its sustainable use, with the responsibility of the three levels of government and society in general. Conagua’s vision is a Mexico that has water in sufficient quantity and quality, recognizing its value and use it efficiently to ensure sustainable development and preserve the environment.

At Conagua’s 27th anniversary, it celebrates working with institutional responsibility and with everyone involved in the management and use of water, an element that, thanks to the participation of all, we are consolidating as a factor of unity and development that contributes to transform and move to Mexico.

Maccaferri Mexico is continuously working as a team with Conagua in many projects to keep Mexican rivers safe, for example we are desifning weirs for water retention, bank protections, and recovery of eroded banks.

The canalization of a water course involves constructing a channel with a designed cross-section to meet the flow characteristics and capacity required. This can be to control the meandering of a river through a built up area, or in the vicinity of infrastructure. Without this managed containment, the water course would be free to erode and cause problems. Where channels transport clean water flow through polluted ground, or vice-versa, the channel may be lined to render it impermeable, for example in agricultural irrigation schemes.

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