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Coastal Protection requirements increasing


Mexico is among the increasing number of countries now using coastal engineering solutions.

In the field of coastal protection, Maccaferri has been present for over 30 years through its engineering solutions using its renowned double twist wires mesh gabions and Reno mattresses. However there are numerous situations where coastal works require solutions other than these and in order to address these needs Maccaferri has introduced other complementary engineering solutions including MacTube geotextiles tubes, Mac Bag geotextiles bags and articulated concrete block mattresses (ACBM).

MacTubes are used to construct the core of breakwaters which serve to protect vulnerable shorelines from beach erosion caused by the imbalance of sediment transport in the direction perpendicular to the coast. They are also used to build groynes when the erosion is caused by the longitudinal current to the coast. MacTubes are large tubular structures made of geotextiles specifically selected for their technical properties. They are filled in-situ with a slurried mixture of sand and water, which are el elements that are generally available on the beaches to be protected. The filtering properties of the geotextile allow the passage of the water component of the slurry, whilst retaining the particules inside. On-shore, MatTubes are also used to reconstruct dunes damaged or removed by extreme (or long term) beach erosion.

MacBags are smaller bag shaped version of the MacTube and are also filled with sand. They can be small enough to be filled and lifted into position and are therefore ideal for emergency repairs to beach structures or other situations requiring rapid intervention.

Maccaferri’s Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses (ACBM) have been designed to ballast and protect pipelines or submerged cables from potential movements as a result of the action of currents and to protect them from erosion or damage from external forces.

The distinct advantage of the Maccaferri ACBM is that the moulds used to manufacture the units is transportable and flexible enough to create different dimensions of ACBM’s. Heavy-duty plastic moulds are retained within a metal modular mountable frame. This enables the moulds to be taken as close as possible to the launch site on the coast, thereby reducing the transportation costs of the finished units.

In Mexico there have already been some projects with MacTubes and considering that this is one of the few countries that face two oceans and long coastlines (more than 8.000;Kms), for sure Maccaferri will have in the future many opportunities to apply these news coastal engineering solutions.

To learn more about our coastal protection applications, please feel free to contact us.

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