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Basal reinforcement, Guaymas, Sonora, MX

Basal reinforcement, Guaymas, Sonora, MX

Our client was the Port Authority of Guaymas (API).

The port system serves a wide range of import and export products to and from Europe, Asia and Africa and other countries of America.

Their vision is to be the main maritime logistics center in northwestern Mexico and southern United States.


The Port of Guaymas functions as an international port, thanks to its location, and it is proficient in the management of general cargo, mineral and agricultural bulk.

Lately the port authority has started a program of improvement of all the pavements of the mineral bulk storage area.

Since this area has been experiencing big problems of differential settlements due to very soft soils (CBR = 1/3) and heavy loads up to 440 kN/m2, a major subsoil stabilization intervention is required.



The pavement improvement project consists in a total rehabilitation of the structure including the strengthening of soft subsoil with ParaLink geogrids. The solution considers a section of 1.2 m depth of granular filling material, more than 28,000 m2 of ParaLink placed in 4 layers and on top of that the actual pavement made of 30 cm thick concrete slabs.

Maccaferri de Mexico worked closely with the construction team throughout the project and helped streamline the installation program by supplying the rolls of ParaLink in bespoke lengths to minimize wastage and maximize construction efficiency.

A team of 6 workers with a loader backhoe could install properly 1 layer of geogrids (19 rolls, 80 m long) in about 5/6 hours.


Material Description

PARALINK Geogrids are planar structures consisting of a mono-axial array of high strength composite geosynthetic strips. Each longitudinal strip has a core of low creep polyester yarn encased in a tough polyethylene sheathing. When installed it provides ultra-high unidirectional strength in soil reinforcement. At Port of Guaymas 600 and 400 kN/m strength geogrids were supplied.

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