land scape application

Both functional and eye-catching. Naturally, as our solutions are used within infrastructure and civil engineering, occasionally they catch the eye of a landscaper or architect.

The gabion as a feature. Gabions have a rich history world-wide for their use as architectural features, with landscape architects and other professionals working with the built environment specifying structures that demand a high-quality construction finish. We work with clients to ensure that such finishes are achieved, and expectations exceeded.

The only limit is the imagination. The applications for landscape structures is endless and is only limited by the landscape architects creativity in the use of the mesh or gabion. We have seen gabions, geogrids, Terramesh and Green Terramesh used as the core to landscape architecture.

The multi-purpose gabion wall. A well-constructed gabion wall can provide an intimate and reflective area offering sound proofing, privacy and beauty. There are many design options available to the landscape architect: the type of wall can be low with rock hugging plants trailed over the top of the gabion wall, or the wall can be built with curves or sharp angles.

Gabions can be used as landscaping walls, either retaining or part retaining / part free standing or totally free standing.

Rock filled gabion units are also popular as cladding on buildings and other structures, to provide a natural looking aesthetic statement.

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