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Gabion: Our Legacy in Every Twist

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16 /05 /2024

Gabion: Our Legacy in Every Twist

Join us on May 16th as we mark a monumental milestoneā€”130 years of gabion solutionsā€”in our special webinar, “Gabion: Our Legacy in Every Twist.” We invite you to explore the evolution of gabions from their initial practical uses at the end of the 1800s to their pivotal role in modern sustainable engineering projects worldwide.Ā 

This celebration isn’t just about looking back but also pushing forward. We’ll revisit groundbreaking advancements like the innovative PoliMacĀ® coating and the sustainable BIO PoliMacĀ®, which exemplify our commitment to sustainability. See how these innovations have expanded the applications of gabions from river hydraulics to infrastructure development, proving their critical role in building a resilient future.Ā 

As we showcase the latest software tools transforming gabion design and application, this reflection fuels our determination to ensure Maccaferriā€™s continued success, advancing one gabion at a time.

Join our celebration on May 16th and be part of a legacy that twists through every innovationā€”one gabion at a time.

Paolo di Pietro
DT Business Unit Senior Specialist & Know-how Manager
Stefano Rignanese
DT Business Unit Business Developer
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