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HELLOMAC – Ponza – Cala Fonte


Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of the Lazio region in Italy.

The island is a popular destination for tourists mostly thanks to its incredible beaches with amazing sea cliffs. Unfortunately, sea cliff instabilities are increasing and rockfall failures are becoming more recurrent, both for wave action and the presence of fault lines. In addition to the loss of natural heritage, these failures are damaging the island’s economy, mostly based on tourism and fishing.

Cala Fonte became inaccessible in 2020 because of a rockfall event: a strong rockfall protection was needed and it was supplied by Maccaferri. A geocomposite with reinforced double twist rockfall drapery mesh was placed over the full height of the cliff; the upper part of the rock face was more liable to instabilities and therefore it was reinforced with HEA PLUS panels (300×300 mm panels made of 10 mm dia. GalMac coated rope) and stabilizing nail anchors. However, even the strongest protection system needs confirmation that everything is functioning to design.

Detecting deteriorating conditions early is the best way to achieve risk prevention and traditional monitoring can only be done occasionally, with resource-intensive and time-consuming measures. 


Maccaferri has always pursued innovation and has already taken part in this digital transformation developing a new alert system: HELLOMAC.

Thanks to the IoT technology, HELLOMAC ensures real-time and accurate monitoring of rockfall protection systems, even in remote areas with limited or no frequency coverage.

In Ponza, in addition to the structural protection system, a rockfall monitoring strategy was integrated into the project. The drapery system was equipped with HELLOMAC and 8 different motion sensors.

All the data are transferred using radio wave transmission on a specific frequency (868 MHz) to the transceiver device HUBIR. In addition, a linear displacement transducer, also connected to HUBIR, was installed for monitoring fault-line movements.

Thanks to the HELLOMAC app, the protection system’s status can be checked daily and if any damage occurs, an alert will be received right away.

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HELLOMAC is an alert system developed to monitor our rockfall protections, partcularly in remote areas. Our product is able to detect events (bouldView