Maccaferri Software Suite

Maccaferri Software Suite

Developed in partnership with leading institutes and universities, our worldwide accepted and user-friendly suite of software empowers engineers to design and deliver effective and reliable civil engineering solutions.
Based on experimental data collected in decades of field experience and rigorous test campaigns, our freeware software solutions suit the requirements of civil and geotechnical engineers around the world while also offering additional benefits of cost-effectiveness and improved buildability.

Get in contact with us to get trained on our software solutions and start the design of high-end and challenging engineering solutions in the most diverse conditions

Online Software

Visit the Maccaferri eDesign software platform. Design online from anywhere. No download is required.

  • Mac S-Design: make your slope safer
  • MacTube Design: protect your coast
  • MacBars Design: stabilize your embankment
  • MACRA Design: design of river hydraulic works
  • REQUALIFE: designing watercourses for a sustainable future

Downloadable Design Software

Discover our downloadable design software:

  • MACFLOW Studio: design of effective drainage solutions
  • MACREAD AASHTO: design of flexible pavement layers
  • MACREAD Studio: design of road subgrade stabilisation solutions​
  • MACRO Studio: design of rockfall netting protection solutions on rock slopes
  • MacStars 4.0: design reinforced soil slopes, walls and complex hybrid structures
  • GAWAC: design of gabion retaining walls