Mass Gravity Retaining Walls

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Mass Gravity Retaining Walls


The stability of the mass gravity retaining wall relies upon the structural integrity of the units and their filled mass to support or contain unstable earth slopes. In order to select the optimum Maccaferri retaining wall solution, our engineers work with clients to consider: 

  • The geotechnical parameters of the retained and foundation soils 
  • The presence of water and hydrostatic loads
  • External loads from structures and live or seismic loads 
  • The simplicity and speed of construction

Our systems are simple and quick to construct. We offer client-specific solutions. Each system offers different benefits; whether a client needs the value, longevity and flexibility of a gabion wall, or the aesthetics of a MacWall segmental concrete block retaining wall system, our engineers can help. Unlike ‘mono-product’ companies who are only able to offer one wall type, we will offer a solution optimized to the client’s needs.