Slope Rectification works at Kingsley Hill

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29 March 2023

Slope Rectification works at Kingsley Hill

MACCAFERRI MacMat Reinforced with Galfan Steelgrid HR100

A Kingsley hill is a township developed by KINGSLEY HILLS SDN BHD, consulted by the Nexus Engineering Sdn Bhd.  This beautiful hill township is located in Putra Heights, which is not too far from Subang Jaya, Selangor.  The slope of the hill was the main concern because it has loose rocks and it possesses a threat to the neighbourhood therefore it has to be well maintained as it is located right beside the main access of this entirely new developed township.  Hence, the developer of Kingsley Hills Township referred to Maccaferri for solutions to cater for such situation. As a result,  Maccaferri has proposed MacMat reinforced with Galfan Steelgrid HR100 which works as a slope protection for the particular area.  

Kingsley Hills is a 92-acre mixed development endeavoured by B&G Corporations located against a backdrop of forested greenery of Bukit Cermin in Putra Heights; within the municipality of Subang Jaya.  It is a quiet and serene area sitting beside a hill hence lending exclusivity to the location.  The higher elevations of this area allow distinct advantages of enjoying unobstructed hilltop breezes as well as stunning panoramic view of the surrounding area enhance its exclusivity.  The slope area which is actually located right beside the main access road to the International School at Kingsley Hills Putra Height was the main concern of the developer towards the safety of the neighbourhood as it might possesses threat of slope failure occurring due to loose rocks.  Working closely with BGMC Corporation Sdn Bhd, Maccaferri has concluded after thorough investigation that MacMat reinforced with Galfan Steelgrid HR100 is at most suitable for this situation as the soil properties on site is more of small rocks.  The Steelgrid HR100 plays an important role in containing loose loose rocks on slope and MacMat is more of environmental and greenery purposes.   It also brings ease to many of the people staying there knowing that the slopes are being well protected and taken care off.   The following project took place at the last quarter of 2016 and completed on the first quarter of 2017. 

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