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Pipeline Protection

Maccaferri delivers custom-designed offshore aquaculture net systems that are ready for installation at yards and offshore. 

From customer specifications, including dimensions, system structure details, and mesh type, KikkoNet net systems, including combinations of supplies of net panels, net tensioning structure, installation components, etc., are procured, built, and combined to match any marine fin fish offshore aquaculture operation. They can be installed in the actual offshore system and adapted to the design required; they come ready for final assembling during installation. 

KikkoNet offshore net solutions are delivered to be installed at yard or offshore. Offshore nets systems are prepared and assembled in parts, ready to be fixed and connected at site during installation. Net panels parts are folded to fit inside 40’ Open Top containers. 

After installation, KikkoNet offshore net systems are used permanently, cleaned in situ, do not require any other special maintenance, can withstand environmental forces and exposure offshore for several farming cycles.   

Maccaferri market, supply and follow up after sales in cooperation with customers every KikkoNet offshore aquaculture system deployed, with economic convenience and tangible benefits for every marine offshore aquaculture project.