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Hydraulic Works

Watercourse management preserves ecosystems as well as human activities from the severe issues that uncontrolled water can cause.

The approach to watercourse management is increasingly considering social and environmental aspects along with the economic impacts of hydraulic structures. Understanding of hydraulic engineering and watercourse ecosystems enables us to find a better balance between the demands of our societies and environmental equilibrium. 

Our experience in hydraulic works started in the 1890s: since then, we have been improving materials and solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. The increasingly exacerbating environmental conditions require the use of more advanced and durable materials. 

For this reason, we are continuously researching and developing solutions that can withstand chemical attacks and significant mechanical loads such as river sediment abrasion, such as PoliMac, the exclusive polymer coating for double twist steel wire solutions that can resist the most aggressive environmental conditions. 

Our PoliMac coated Gabions and Reno Mattress Plus have been successfully implemented in many projects over recent years, in all sorts of sectors: from reservoirs to mine stilling basins, from canals to attenuation ponds, from golf courses to agriculture. In all these applications we offered in-depth technical support to our clients, providing a full assistance and giving them access to our MacRa Studio, the suite of software that enables the design of environmentally sound hydraulic engineering applications. Ask our support to start designing the change!