Slope Erosion Protection at Taman Gasing Jaya 

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30 June 2021

Slope Erosion Protection at Taman Gasing Jaya 

Maccaferri’s Erosion Control solutions for a safer route

Jalan Gasing is an important road in Petaling Jaya City, Selangor, Malaysia and Taman Gasing Jaya is a private development located along this prestige road. Petaling Jaya which is a city in Petaling District, is surrounded by Kuala Lumpur to the east Sungai Buloh, to the north Shah Alam, Subang jaya to the west and finally Bandar Kinrara Puchong to the south. The local authorities decided to construct an additional road to ease the heavy traffic in the area. The cut hills along the new route required treatment to ensure the safety of the road users. 


The local authorities decided to build a road to ease traffic congestion for the public and residents living around Kampung Pantai Dalam and Taman Gasing Jaya. During the construction, cutting of the hill was necessary to get the desired design width for the road. It was cut into 4 slopes, varing from 4m to 6m with total height of 22m. Due to rainwater, debris and small rocks fell onto the road which caused danger to the road users. Site investigations revealed that the problem was due to high water table contained on site which worsen in time and wash away along the rainwater. Thus, rocks on the hill hangs with minimum friction angle. Public safety was the main concern for the urgent need to protect the slope. MacMat R was selected from a few other proposals as being the best method to solve the problems. It is due to its engineering ability in reducing the surface runoff, coupled as Rockfall Protection and most of all the Environmental Solution for complete “greening” of the surface. It is also economical and easy to install. 


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