Rockfall Mitigation at Gerik , Perak, Malaysia

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23 August 2023

Rockfall Mitigation at Gerik , Perak, Malaysia

Discover how Perak, Malaysia prioritized their road safety with ingenious rockfall protection solutions from Maccaferri.

Perak’s rugged terrain has always presented a challenge, with potential rockfall posing risks to road users. To pre-empt hazards and prioritize safety, authorities have embraced a solution that not only minimizes risks but also seamlessly integrates with the environment. Basic requirement for installing rockfall protection structure is to provide level of protection that is consistent with the consequence in the event of rockfall. Maccaferri Rockfall solutions were being applied at the source zone along the rock slope cut or natural face.

Maccaferri has been approached to provide rockfall protection solution at the rock slope along highway at FT 04, Seksyen Jalan Gerik. The client may opt for geohazard assessment to rank the site that required rockfall intervention according to the consequence of failure however, a drapery system using Maccaferri Steel Grid High Resistance (SG HR) netting have been selected to be applied along the highway in Gerik, Perak. Maccaferri SteelGrid High Resistance netting system is a fusion of double twisted mesh and vertical interwoven wire rope, meticulously forged from high-tensile strength steel wire(1770 N/mm2) at 30cm c/c spacing. The objective is to contain rock fall close to the face and minimize the risk from bouncing to the adjacent road. This mesh is carefully draped as a protective curtain, suspended by vertical interwoven ropes and anchored at the slope’s pinnacle. Anchoring tailored to each slope’s rock mass properties ensures a snug and secure fit. Various component of the system can be sized using MacRO 2, according to required debris volume allowed during the service life. This software assists in sizing the SG HR system’s components, guaranteeing optimal performance within allowable debris volume limits over its service life. The installation of the SG HR netting system along FT 04, Seksyen Jalan Gerik highway signifies more than safety. It reflects Perak’s commitment to innovation and growth. By proactively addressing rockfall challenges, Perak creates an environment where road users can travel securely, surrounded by nature’s beauty and contemporary engineering solutions.

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