Drain Protection works at Sunway Tambun, Perak

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30 May 2020

Drain Protection works at Sunway Tambun, Perak

Maccaferri Reno Mattress® as the preferred solution for long term erosion problems

Sunway Tambun is one of Malaysia’s premier action and adventure family holiday destination. They were facing numerous erosion cases especially during heavy rainfall and wanted a sustainable solution to prevent this long-term issue. Maccaferri Malaysia proposed the ecofriendly Reno Mattress® which not only solved the problem but also provided for the aesthetic looks of the amusement park. 


Sunway Tambun is an adventure family holiday destination which consist of multiple amusement parks, rides and eco-adventure thrills. Sunway being one of the renowned developers in Malaysia emphasizes on building a Green Park and ensures that all the park attractions have a minimal impact on the beautiful environment. Being surrounded by wildlife, they were having issues with erosion, especially during heavy downpours. 


Maccaferri Malaysia was asked to propose a suitable and ecofriendly system to prevent such an activity from happening. The consultant who Maccaferri worked closely with during the design stage, concluded that the Reno Mattress was most suited to be used as a storm drain lining to prevent long term erosion problems. Due to their flexibility, the high-quality steel wire mesh engineered Reno Mattresses® were easily installed in the affected area. In addition, our new Polimac® coating enhanced the durability of the cages as well and provided a higher abrasion resistance on the active drainage stream. 


Maccaferri Reno Mattress® are cages made from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh and filled with suitable stones on site to form monolithic structures and thus they blend in with the environment to provide for a very aesthetic look. 


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