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Vertical Walls with Concrete Facing Panels


Oceans Mall - GEPF & Oceans Umhlanga Retail Company (Pty) Ltd

WK Construction

Sutherlands Engineers



Oceans Umhlanga is one of KZN’s iconic retail parks. The  mall development faced significant challenges, including the   requirement for well-engineered retaining structures for   large cut embankments at the rear of the site. The retaining   structure needed to be vertical and form part of the   superstructure’s final aesthetic. The wall created a platform   for a service road above. The design had to consider   geotechnical limitations and existing municipal services,   whilst the vertical wall had to be constructed within a   confined space because the multi-storey building   construction was underway. The retaining wall was to be   designed to butt against a contiguous piled wall that was   already constructed for the superstructure. Standard design   codes require a minimum tieback length of 0.7 multiplied by   the overall height. This was not achievable and additional   measures had to be used in the form of shotcrete and soil   nails for embankment stabilisation, thus allowing for the use   of shorter tieback lengths without compromising structural   stability. Stringent deadlines and rigorous QC & QA   procedures demanded exceptional quality from design,   manufacture, supply and installation with minimal margins   for error.


After evaluating the geotechnical parameters, loading  constraints and required structure geometry, Maccaferri   provided a design for a mechanically stabilised earth wall   system, Macres®. This system included heights ranging   from 5-12 metres, using polymeric reinforcement and   concrete panels. Collaborating with the engineers, we   designed a 1,235m² structure and supplied prefabricated   concrete panels to create the vertical cladding with a high[1]quality finish. ParaWeb™, a polymeric and inextensible soil   reinforcement was selected as the reinforcement of the   structural soil body. Due to its characteristics, the   reinforcement was an ideal choice for highly corrosive   environments. Macres® was an ideal system that offered   high load-bearing capacity, long-term durability, efficient   installation, and was both economical and aesthetically   appealing. Maccaferri’s design assistance, draughting   competence, and construction supervision made the project   effortless and well-engineered.