Animal-Friendly Anti-Burrowing Solutions

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Animal-Friendly Anti-Burrowing Solutions

Beavers, badgers and other burrowing animals can sometimes cause fairly large damage when dig into bank slopes, along dykes or in road/railway embankments.

Our RENOMESH, RENOMESH BIO and RENOMESH GREEN works as an effective long-term barrier against the intrusion of burrowing animals, discouraging them from digging inside the levee core / embankment and inducing them to migrate to other non-critical areas of the river/infrastructure.
Moreover, those solutions promote the establishment of vegetation.

This webinar will focus on the behaviour of burrowing animals and on the solutions that could be implemented to mitigate risk of damages to infrastructure in a non-invasive and animal friendly way.

Watch the video to find out more!

Paolo di Pietro
DT Business Unit Senior Specialist & Know-how Manager