FlexMac® DT

FlexMac®DT is used as a rapid to deploy barrier for flood protection, raise embankments and provide buttressing support for temporary works.

It consists of a multicellular structure made of hexagonal double twisted wire mesh. The mesh is reinforced with vertical steel rods and internally lined with a non-woven geotextile sleeve.

The cellular structure is filled in-situ with locally available fill material to provide a barrier system against rising water, or to buttress excavations in temporary works.

FlexMac® DT units are joined to each other longitudinally by using connecting pins to obtain the required length of the structure.

The hexagonal double twisted wire mesh is engineered to provide strength with flexibility. This gives the structure greater flexibility than more rigid solutions and is ideal in areas where differential settlement could occur.

Once the FlexMac® DT unit has served its emergency use, it is possible to reuse the unit, by carefully lifting it, allowing the fill material to fall out. The success of this operation depends on the original fill material used and the condition of the unit post-use.


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