Slope Erosion Protection at Taman Gasing Jaya


Jalan Gasing is an important road in Petaling Jaya City, Selangor, Malaysia and Taman Gasing Jaya is a private development located along this prestige road. Petaling Jaya which is a city in Petaling District, is surrounded by Kuala Lumpur to the east Sungai Buloh, to the north Shah Alam, Subang jaya to the west and finally Bandar Kinrara Puchong to the south. The local authorities decided to construct an additional road to ease the heavy traffic in the area. The cut hills along the new route required treatment to ensure the safety of the road users.

Road Widening at Taman Fadason, Kepong, Kuapa Lumpur


Taman Fadason which is located at Jalan Metro Barat in Kepong is a new development area and one of their main roads was facing differential settlement issue. The route was previously a dump site and it is believed that no proper treatment was given during the construction of the road. Maccaferri Malaysia hence proposed our basal reinforcement solution which consist of ParaLink together with MacGrid and non-woven geotextile as a total package.

Road and Slope works in Kg. Baru Rompin, Jempol, Negeri Sembilan

Terramesh Wall System

The Jempol is the largest district in the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan. This district shares the borders with other Malaysian states of Pahang to the northeast and Johor to the east. One of the main routes of Kampung Baru Rompin in Jempol was facing a high erosion problem due to heavy rainfall. There was a requirement for a solution that could help prevent erosion. As a result, Maccaferri proposed to the public works department of Jempol our environmentally friendly and flexible Terramesh® wall system as a solution to this problem.