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Maccaferri works for your safety during the winter sports season

Green Terramesh

Maccaferri France supplies Green Terramesh and MacRes solutions for winter sports structures designed to keep sports fans safe during the coldest seasons of the year.

As the winter season is rapidly approaching, Maccaferri will once again be faced with a multitude of projects that require protection from wind, rain, frost, snow and ice.

Two examples of latest Maccaferri’s projects related to the winter months are:

  • a recent project at a Ski Resort in France (Maccaferri France)
  • a project in Slovenia for which Maccaferri Italy supplied its Terradrain Football D8 MRT—a drainage geocomposite for the construction of a soccer field made at the winter sports center in Slovenia.

Maccaferri France is a long time producer and installer of reinforced soil walls solutions built using mineral facing Terramesh systems, concrete facing MacRes solutions and vegetal facing Green Terramesh installations. The latter product, Green Terramesh is perhaps one of the most attractive options for structures that are to become one with nature.

It is for precisely this reason that Maccaferri’s Green Terramesh solution was recently used for the construction of reinforcement platforms that were required for the installation of a chairlift (of 6 places) located in a ski station in Val Cenis.

One of the key requirements of the project owner and the project manager was to allow for a full integration of the solution into the landscape–i.e. to make the structure look as natural as possible It’s for this reason that Maccaferri France designed the reinforced soil walls in Green Terramesh: an environmentally friendly modular system used to form vegetated (green) faced soil reinforced slopes.

This particular type of terramesh consists of pre-fabricated units of double twisted wire mesh (8×10 type) lined with an erosion control blanket and stiffened with a welded mesh panel. The solution comes with two pre-formed steel braces that are meant to be connected at the job site to ensure that the unit remains fixed at the required slope angle.

The angled front face and the erosion control blanket are designed to facilitate the establishment of the natural vegetation of the units; an essential requirement of Green Terramesh. In the case of this project, the solution was used in conjunction with our high-performance primary geogrids, Paragrid, which have Asqual and BBA certifications.

Further exemplifying Maccaferri’s involvement in winter relevant structures was the Football Field construction project in Slovenia. During the project, Maccaferri actively contributed to the restructuring of the area by supplying its innovative Terradrain Football D8 MRT drainage system for the artificial grass sports fields.

Ultimately, one can tell from the above examples, that Maccaferri’s solutions are designed to solve the challenges posed by the winter weather and environment.

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