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Terramesh Systems used for landscaping and architectural project


A 14 m high Terramesh reinforced soil wall was chosen for its sustainable nature, flexibility and durability for the exclusive beachfront homes project in Elche, Spain.

Maccaferri provided the urban infrastructure project in Elche (Alicante) with a durable, aesthetically pleasing, flexible structure designed to protect the base of the residential complex in an exposed environment.

The Infinity View building is a high standing residential complex located in Elche (Alicante) whose structure is reminiscent of a cruise ship.

An environmentally friendly soil reinforcement solution was required for this architectural project to create both the platform of the Infinity View buildings and other recreational structures of the resort (basketball courts and pools). The polymer coated Terramesh System was chosen for this purpose as it provides a durable, aesthetically pleasing, flexible solution.

The client opted for a 14-metre-high modular Terramesh System to form rock faced reinforced soil walls. The Terramesh wall was designed with a series of terraces for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, these terraces were used as planting zones to establish vegetation. The combination of vegetation and stone facing, enhanced the value of the structure.

The Terramesh system was delivered to site flat-packed, assembled and then suitable backfill was placed upon the soil reinforcement geogrids. At the interface between the existing soil to be detained and new Terramesh structure, MacDrain W1051 was installed to remove groundwater.

The planting zones on the terraces of the structure were lined with MacDrain SDH150, an impermeable membrane, to contain the topsoil.

In total, the project used up 1860m2 of 3x3x1 Terramesh units, 5000m2 of MacGrid WG20 mesh, 2150 m2 of MacDrain W1051 Geomats and 2400 m2 of MacLine SDH 150 sheets.

The polymer coating of the Terramesh units ensures the long-term performance is not compromised by chemical, biological or environmental degradation. Terramesh structures are flexible and allow differential settlements and movement without sustaining damage.

The landscaping and architectural project shows how Terramesh structures can combine engineering with the natural environment.

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