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Rockfall Protection for a safer new main France-Andorra access road


Our SteelGrid® HR and DT mesh were chosen as the best for stabilizing a slope and ensuring rockfall protection for this important road

During widening and rectification works of the CG2 road in Andorra, the need arose for the stabilizing and reinforcing of adjacent road slopes. Our membrane SteelGrid® HR together with our DT mesh were chosen to block rock falls and protect the road.

The CG-2 is the main access to Andorra from France. During widening and rectification works of its layout, reinforcement measures were needed to stabilise some adjacent slopes. Geologically, these slopes are made up of strong foliated shales, which from a geotechnical point of view makes them very plastic and unable to contain earth instabilities.

In this context, it was proposed to use our SteelGrid® HR in the most unfavourable areas, and to place DT mesh in the less vulnerable zones.

The Steelgrid® HR is a geocomposite of double twisted steel wire hexagonal mesh with high tensile strength steel cables, woven into the mesh during the manufacturing process. This geocomposite is characterized to provide a high resistance at a very low deformation. The high level corrosion protection for the steel wire mesh with polymer coating, makes the SteelGrid® HR system ideal for use in environments ranging from near-coastal regions to high alpine areas. This material has the CE certification.

Installation works were carried out in June 2017 by DESPLOM S.L.U.
2,400 m2 of DT mesh and 1,600 m2 of SteelGrid® HR that were afterwards reinforced by cables and bolts were supplied.

For more information, please download our case history.

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